Presentation Skills

shutterstock_142799023Do you want to:-

  • Overcome your fear of speaking in public?
  • Present with confidence?
  • Deliver powerful and effective presentations?

We can help. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience at presenting, we will work with you to help you realise your full potential.

We work with people of all levels from students to Chief Executives. We also work in a wide range of different sectors including law, education and business.

We offer One2One coaching at our studios in Liverpool City Centre or online via SKYPE.

Basic breakdown

Our work with you will depend on your needs but a typical programme would cover:

  • Identifying your requirements and goals;
  • Posture, breathing techniques and overcoming nerves;
  • Your voice and how to make the most of it including vocal expression;
  • pitch, tone and colour;
  • Stage presence and storytelling techniques; how to bring material to life;
  • Presentation practice and feedback.

All programmes are flexible and will be adapted to the needs of the individual. We usually recommend 6 sessions, with the option to have more (or less) if appropriate.

Programme structure

  • Aims & Objectives;
  • Warm Up – Breathing, Posture & Articulation Exercises;
  • Exercises to develop skills for presentation;
  • Speak aloud to put learning into practice;
  • Recap and exercises to work on.


A One2One public speaking and/or presentation skills session is £30 per hour. We suggest a programme of 6 sessions. The total cost for 6 sessions is £180.

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How To Book

To arrange an initial session, please click here.


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